What are the goals of insider attacks?

Cyber security incident response

Insider threats are very common in the corporate world. It is done by those people who worked inside the company and have the authorization to access the confidential data. A reliable tool is used to get all activities done by users through an inside threat investigator. An insider works in a particular company or firm and threatens the data for some other parties.  To detect or manage these threats digital forensics consulting organizations are working as a part of forensic science including the regaining and detecting of things found in digital devices. The insider is sometimes responsible for serious incidents happen in the company. They have different reasons for doing these threats. Sometimes an employee who is dissatisfied with the promotion and its delay makes them agree to do this. Their poor relationship with the colleagues or boss also encourages doing these threats. Some people have a profession to do threats by a steal and leak confidential data with the wrong intention. Their easy approach to a company makes it easier. For a company, it is necessary to hire loyal employees after investigating their work in past companies. Based on motivation, insiders can mark multiple assets. They generally concentrate on the confidential data of a company and they either sold in into a black market or work for a specific individual. The cyber security incident response is a methodology used by organizations to respond to cyber-attacks. These organizations try to minimize data loss and work in recovering more and more as possible. They have a team of IT professionals. The common attack by the insider focuses on:

Cyber security incident response

  • Company Database
  • File servers
  • Endpoints
  • Particular applications
  • Smart devices
  • Networks
  • Cloud storage system

They focus on data hefting, fraud, and spying. If we talk about the unfortunate insiders and their inspiration we will find some points:

  1. These insiders are opportunists and don’t do these threats after pre-planning and when somebody offers them to do they accept the offer. May their financial crisis or other problems are the reason for it.
  2. Calculated attackers target to theft the data after pre-planning. It is much harder for all companies to stop them. they usually target confidential data and it is hard to find the reason for these incidents.
  3. Emotional attackers are those people who generally do these threats after getting carried away in emotions like fear, aggression, or greed. They attack data without any pre-plan. They only look for a chance to attack.
  4. Terrorists and digital activists generally focus on damaging the data instead of stealing as much as possible. Their anti-social activities too much affect the country’s security issues. Hence, it is the responsibility of IT professionals to keep an eye on each activity of users.