How To Find Cleaning Services In Singapore?


Singapore is a developed country that has all kinds of services available for its residents. You can easily find everything you need without any difficulty. However, if you are new to this Southeast Asian country and are looking for a housekeeping service or a part time cleaner singapore, this list will drive you through everything you need to know.

Cleaning Services

Today’s busy schedules have made it really difficult to maintain and clean one’s house regularly. That is when cleaning services come to play. Cleaning services refer to the different activities associated with the cleaning and maintenance of a house. You can find individuals providing one or more cleaning services, or you can opt for an organization to get all kinds of housekeeping services done. Before we talk about all of them, let us take a look at the kinds of cleaning services that you can opt for.

  • Vacuum Cleaning

The most basic but essential cleaning service offered by an individual or a house cleaning organization is vacuum cleaning. This includes cleaning the rooms, furniture, carpets, stairs, and every other part of your home or apartment.

  • Mop Wiping

Another essential cleaning service is mop wiping. In this service, all the rooms are wiped with a mop with an antiseptic cleaning liquid.

  • Dusting

Dusting is important to remove dust particles from the surface of the furniture, decorative items, photo frames, ceiling fans, television, etcetera. This also helps in reducing the allergens in a room.

  • Sanitization

This has always been a very important cleaning, but post-pandemic, it has become the most essential one. This refers to the sanitization of bathrooms, doorknobs, and other surfaces that pose a high risk of frequent human contact.

  • Green Cleaning

In this eco-friendly house cleaning approach, non-toxic, biodegradable products are used to clean a house.

  • Chimney Cleaning

This involves cleaning the pipe and body of the chimney which accumulate a lot of dirt over time.

Some organizations can get all these services done for you. Some of the well-known companies providing cleaning services in Singapore are –

  • Domestic Cleaning Service by NTUC Income
  • Home Cleanz Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • SG House Cleaning
  • Whissh Home Cleaning Service

You can also approach individuals offering one, or more, or all of these services. They can provide you with janitorial services, laundry services, residential cleaning services, etcetera. If you cannot figure out how to find one, scout through the net; you will find a good part time cleaner, Singapore.