Get Your Cooking Classes at D’Open Kitchen


Are you want to improve your team bonding? If yes, then take part in the D’Open Kitchen team building challenge. By taking part in the challenges, you will work as a team, and you have the thinking of winning the challenge by preparing the meals which you have selected from the menu. Cooking is a perfect option to increase your bond between your friends and family. If you need a perfect cooking class and also want to take part in the cooking challenges, then you must visit the official website of D’Open Kitchen. For cooking team building, you can take part in the D’Open Kitchen in Singapore.

Classes you will get in a team-building session:

  • Standard Race: In this session, the participants can choose the three meals, which include the entrée, mains, and dessert. For winning these races, participants have to complete their three meals in one set time period. This race is only done because to make the bond between the team and to build the team. The main aim of this challenge is to create a positive environment and provide fun between the team members while they are preparing their meals. The chef of the D’Open Kitchen will give the tutorials lessons first to the students so that they can easily achieve their tasks and complete the menu at the right time.
  • Mystery Box: In another session, every team will give a mystery box that has different ingredients in it. Every team needs to choose the ingredients wisely, so they can prepare the meal at the right time. One by one, every team will open their mystery box, then after that, they have to collect all the culinary which they need to complete their main recipe. The main purpose of this challenge is to increase the cooking team building, which helps the team to complete their tasks in a limited time period. Every mystery box will contain different ingredients so that the team will choose the perfect combination of ingredients and prepare a meal to impress the chef or judge.
  • Amazing Race: If you are local residents of Singapore, then you must take part in the D’Open Kitchen amazing race. In this race, you have to prepare the meal in fix time period to impress the judge. By taking part in this race, you will get the chance to increase your family bonding. In this race, it will require teamwork and also the physical and mental thinking to win this race. For winning these races, participants have to purchase the ingredients for their three meals and prepare the meals in a cooking challenge to impress the head chef of D’Open Kitchen.