Advancement Of The Industry: Supporting Ideal And Creative Innovators


Business is growing, and there are so many sides to it. People became more innovative and creative to make a product that people will use and love. Entrepreneurs ensure that the product they will show in the market will sell. As of today, advanced technology that will help the business world prosper is a hit.

The venture capital proptech highly encourages all startups to show and present their technology. Proptech will offer assistance to these startups as the product is in line with the investment vertical. An eighty thousand us dollars will be provided to the Startup to have enough money to finish the product. Aside from that, proptech will also assist in commercializing it to the market and other companies.

The support a Proptech can give

The supply chain finance funds of Proptech will offer:

  • An eighty thousand us dollars to a qualified startup team.
  • Help the startup team to prepare for getting investors and fundraising for the project.
  • Help the section to refine their product so that it can be ready to show in the market.
  • Promote the product in the new market and show it to all relevant companies.
  • Mentorship, training, assistance from experts and other activities will put the team at a higher level.

There are so many offers to be given to the startup team that has met the requirements of Proptech. It includes access to distributors, other inventors, and a curriculum made only for your team and other perks packages. 

Requirements needed to join the program

A startup team needs to pay a total of thirty thousand us dollars as the program covers many packages and perks. However, one can deduct this payment from the total amount of investment given to the team. The implementation of this program is online.

Prepare the requirements for application

The Startup does not need to be present in the location where the program will be held. Proptech will invest even in international startups, so location does not matter at all. The most needed requirement to apply in Proptech is to ensure that the following is present.

  • A product should be aligned in the vertical investment of Proptech, namely retail technology, Communication, Construction, Predictive Tools, and Safety.
  • The Start-up should have two confounders that are knowledgeable and have relevant experience in the field of industry.
  • The product should be scalable and, at the same time, have a detailed business model.
  • A product that has high growth potential and will help advance the industry.
  • The product should have the feature that will get the interest of the people in the industry.
  • The product of the start-up team should be able to compete with other technologies within the new market.

This requirement is essential to ensure that every investment poured into the Startup is worth it. Setting this requirement will also ensure that the Startup will make their product fit and meet the standards.