What to Expect at a Funeral in Singapore: An Overview

What to Expect at a Funeral in Singapore: An Overview

When Roman Catholics die, they are not finished with life since they believe in an afterlife. When a member of the Catholic community passes away, a funeral ceremony is held to commemorate their time here on earth before they depart to God in heaven. Funerals are often celebrated at the parish church of the community in Singapore, known as just a Requiem Mass. Learn more about the singapore funeral parlour.

Before the funeral Mass begins, friends and family assemble for a wake to pray for the departed person’s soul. Depending on where the deceased’s family lives, Catholic wakes in Singapore can occur in any of the above locations and the local church.

Words of consolation and prayers are exchanged during the Vigil ceremony to help ease the grief of the bereaved. Reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary while also reciting extra Bible verses is standard practice while interceding on behalf of a deceased loved one who has gone away.

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24 hours per day

The parlor is open 24 hours per day as a helpful elective wake scene should families choose not to hold the memorial service wake at home. The structure is eight stories tall and includes eight memorial service parlor lobbies, two storm cellar carparks, and a more miniature than average rooftop garden. Likewise, a bistro on the ground level gives light rewards.

Funerals for Roman Catholics in Singapore may last 2 to 3 days, and each day’s events can be broken down into four separate sections.

Rituals of Committal, Cremation, The Wake and Vigil Service, Funeral and Memorial Mass, and Committal Rites

The Rite of Committal is an essential part of the Catholic funeral liturgy. If you are a Roman Catholic, you may either be buried inside a cemetery or cremated. Even if cremation is chosen as the ultimate disposal technique, Catholics believe that all of the deceased’s remains should be interred in the same area.


A firm conviction in an afterlife means that Roman Catholics believe death is not the end of life. Members of the Catholic faith who have gone away are remembered during a funeral service to honor the time they spent here on earth with us before going to be with God in heaven. A Requiem Mass, another name for a funeral service in Singapore, is often conducted at the parish church of the deceased person’s congregation. The term “parish church” is spelled out in English.