What is an insurance broker and what he does

What is an insurance broker and what he does

A broker is an insurance professional. Its role is to find the solutions best suited to the needs of its customers, both for guarantees and premiums.

When you go abroad, it is important to be well insured, in order to be taken care of in the event of illness and accident, particular events or questioning of your liability.

You must also take into account the duration of your expatriation (a few months to several years) in order to be certain that the proposed solutions correspond to your present and future situation. Since the rules and needs are different from where you come from, you need to be sure you have the right insurance coverage. Example: if you are going to the African continent, it is necessary to have an adapted and specific health cover, different from that which you would have if you go to the United States expat insurance broker singapore.

What does a broker bring me in relation to the solutions that I can find on the Internet myself?

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You can find solutions on the Internet. Most often these are standard solutions and you cannot benefit from personalized advice.

The broker is there to support you and to better adapt the guarantees to your needs.

Depending on whether you are leaving alone or with your family, or if you are moving to North America, South America, Africa or Asia, the guarantees and cover must adapt to your family situation and your place of life. .

Likewise, depending on your status (seconded, expatriate, salaried, self-employed, etc.) the most suitable insurances will not be the same.

You also have to think carefully about the return… This specific advice and the construction of tailor-made contracts are offered by your broker.

To go abroad with confidence, you must be advised, supported and helped in the event of difficulties. In an often fluctuating environment, you have to be able to count on optimal and personalized solutions. Insurance premiums based on ability to pay

While private insurance pays premiums according to the scope of coverage, the degree of disease risk, and the contents of the contract, the national health insurance, operated as a social insurance, aims to solve the problem of medical expenses based on social solidarity. Premiums are charged according to the ability to pay premiums.

Equal guarantee

While private insurance is covered differently for each individual depending on the level of insurance premium and contract details, national health insurance, a social insurance, provides insurance benefits equally in accordance with relevant laws irrespective of the level of premium burden.