Way of Doing Business Today

microsoft dynamics 365

In businesses, there are a lot of departments that have numerous functions. All of these departments use technology to lessen the time to finish their daily task. Many developments today help employers to be more efficient and to be more creative on the job that they do. That is why many companies today invested so much in their system and IT infrastructure to make their work smooth and to grow their income. They did it for their own benefit.

In the year 2016, Microsoft released a product that would really help many companies to become established and to be more professional business with their system called microsoft dynamics 365. It has a lot of features that companies would benefit from. They sold it in two editions. These are the Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Business Edition is for small and medium enterprises or businesses that don’t have a lot of manpower, and it sometimes ranges from 20-50 employees only. While the Enterprise Edition is for the company that has medium to large organizations and mostly consists of 50 – 250 employees. Each edition has different features and applications.

The ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM or Customer Relationship Management are both included in the Dynamics 365. It has a lot of offered features that the company can use. Applications and elements of it are listed on the following:

microsoft dynamics 365

  • Sales – The company needs to close the deals, and this feature will help them to get it faster.
  • Field Service – Helps the company to provide onsite service to any locations where they are needed. It enables them to communicate, update, and track the service being provided.
  • Customer Service – On this feature, you can track the issue encountered by the clients. You can also record all interactions and create a schedule for the services.
  • Marketing – It is mostly used for personalized communication with clients. It can also be used as a possibility to communicate and listen to your customers.
  • Project Service Automation – helps companies to plan projects, track project progression, and managing the billing of the projects.
  • Human Resources – This will assist them in terms of managing the data of their employees, including compensations, leaves, payroll, including training and certifications.
  • Artificial Intelligence – It will provide a company with an intelligent and automated insight that will help their employees on their respective duties.

These are just some of the features of Dynamics 365. It is online and it always keeps up with the trends today. No more manually written reports to do and no more suffering from managing and tracking different data. All you have to do is to get the services and let your company run in the most updated way of doing business.