Tips for buying a second-hand boat

Buying a second-hand boat

Buying a used boat at boats for sale hong kong is a great option to enjoy nautical sports, at a much more affordable price than if we buy a new one. However, to avoid possible dislikes, you have to be very careful when choosing.

Once you have your eye on a boat and are convinced of the purchase, the ideal is to agree with the seller or the broker a visual inspection afloat and, if you are still interested, another dry.

Start the inspection afloat by the structure

Small yacht for sale Focus on looking for signs of unusual stresses and stresses; cracks in the paint, cracks and separations. Look for signs of lack of tightness in stoves , steps of sticks, hardware, … If it is a sailboat, observe the deck carefully in search of anomalous deformations near the chains , which are usually common with rigging subjected to an excess of tension.

Check the electrical wiring

Check that there are no bare wires, overheating zones, or any defects that may cause short circuits or power failure

The bilges say a lot about their maintenance

Look for water presence and if it is clean or dirty. There may be some moisture, but there should be no water level. If there is, it will be necessary to look for its origin. It is very important to check the operation of the bilge pump and to paste a review of each and every one of the bottom taps, which open and close correctly and do not show signs of excessive corrosion or the presence of water.

Test all navigation equipment

Check GPS, depth sounder, plotter, radar, stove, lights, windlass, windshield wiper ?? Everyone! Check that they are operational and in good condition. Even if the boat is second hand and has its years, you should have all the necessary instruction manuals on board. Take advantage and request that the ship-owner show you the last ITB passed , the certificate of navigability and the validity.

Motor information

Ask them to show you the maintenance book, the revision invoices and the repairs that have been made. Check the hours of the engines, check levels, filters, belts, … Look what the oil looks like, ask when the batteries were last changed and check that they work well .

It is important to try and feel the boat sailing

Take the opportunity to test navigation equipment. As for the engine, watch how it starts, the smoke from the leaks and vibrations. It is interesting to put the engine at full speed (WOT), and check if it reaches the revolutions specified by the manufacturer ; what speed it reaches and how it behaves. Check that the temperature and pressure do not rise too much in the indicators. It is also good to test the engine in reverse gear.