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Many businesses, from small to large of the company will choose the outsourcing process for an advanced service with the growth of a competitive business environment. Pure Moderation is a content moderation service provider to support the company in protecting its online brand images.

Pure Moderation is a global leader in BPO services with years of experience in customer support service outsourcing, you can definitely trust Pure Moderation for your business needs. Pure Moderation offers a great variety of data labeling services and 17 years of experience trusted in the fastest-growing industry.

What services do they provide that they can assure you?

To protect and safety of your user communities to continue trust and the brand secured.

  • Human content moderation is for the online safety and trust.

The content moderation is a part of the content moderator monitoring the users for safe on any platforms. The examples of online platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The content moderator will remove any violent videos and posts.

  • Content moderation for text.

Online communication protects the text brand are live chats, chat rooms, and forums. The text moderation will only approve the appropriate user message. If it is inappropriate text, the users will be automatically remove by reasons of protect your brand from any language issues.

Call Center Outsource

Here are the items to detect content towards your brand or products.

  • Sexual- If some categorized texts are sexually explicit.
  • Violence- A banner messages that contains maximal violence will be remove.
  • By Cyberbullying in platforms – it includes sending photos, posting photos, or sharing negative, harmful images, or mean content about someone else. It includes personal and private information that causes embarrassment or humiliation.
  • Hate- By detecting messages with a high level of coarseness. By expressing hating words and it automatically remove or unavailable on the content.
  • Spam- Spam of emails is also junk email or spam, gratuitous messages sent in bulk by email.
  • Data Entry

Pure Moderation is one of the global data management entry rank of each need of the business partners. They offer quality data entry services and quick responses in scaling up or down your business needs.

  • Customer Services BPO

The customer services representative will provide you to support in customer-related issues. Customer outsourcing will help to build your brand trademark and respect.

  • Game management.

Game management will help to identify the maintenance of the new item in online games name. They process quality games to discover and documenting finalizing the product before sending it.