The Process of Choosing the Perfect Podcast Production Company

Podcast production

Are you looking for a great podcast production company that does it all? How about one that specializes in podcast advertising? You may want a service that isn’t focused exclusively on audio. Whatever your needs are, there are certainly plenty of options out there. This list will help you begin the search!

Define your podcasting style.

Are you working on a documentary? A serialized podcast? Try jotting down a few notes as they come to mind. Maybe record it as a little ditty with your smartphone to get a feel for things. Don’t worry if your first few notes are short and stifled; with time, you’ll find yourself more comfortable and familiar with the process.

Define your audience.

Who are you making your show for? What are their requirements? How do they listen to podcasts? Do they like to keep up with trends and news, or do they prefer a more laid-back approach? Do they tend towards classical music or 80’s pop flavour? These are all important questions as well. Think about it.

Define your budget.

Your budget will be determined by the style and demographic of your podcast, as well as the specifics of the audio production company you’re considering. If you’re looking for a low-budget service, you may have to sacrifice quality — but if that’s what you’re looking for, it just may be right. While a high-end production company could provide any audio style within your scope, they’ll undoubtedly want to charge more than their mid-level counterparts.

Map out your schedule and budget.

Please determine what you want and how much you’re willing to pay. In other words, figure out how many episodes of your podcast you will produce in what length of time. If you’ve got a detailed podcast outline, it will be easy to figure out where your costs fall.

Research and interview potential production companies.

An entire podcast series can produce a lot of information and ideas. “How to Record Podcasts in One Day” will come to you when it’s done — right? Well, that may be true. But the information gathered along the way is invaluable for your life and everyone else who doesn’t want to spend months learning an entirely new skill. Spare no expense when interviewing potential Podcast production companies.

Hire your podcasting company.

If you’ve followed all of the steps, your podcast production company should be ready to go at this point. Before you give them the go-ahead, sign a contract with them. It doesn’t have to be super official, but it’s more than a handshake deal.

Complete your podcast.

At this point, you’ve received your raw audio files; the final product is in sight. You have to have patience, though — and a lot of it. You may be sitting around and doing nothing while your podcast production company gets things done. It’s okay! Remember that every little work by these professionals adds to an excellent final product.

Submit to iTunes or Pod bean (Whichever you pick) for review.

Now that your podcast is complete, it’s time to submit it for review by Apple or Pod bean (whichever you choose). If you can’t log in to iTunes, contact them, and they’ll be able to set you up with a review code.