Stop consuming too much celebrity’s low-quality information

Stop consuming too much celebrity’s low-quality information

How much time do you spend ingesting information that you have no intention of acting on or that you aren’t very interested in? For instance, consider the nightly news cycle of local crimes, the never-ending flood of social media updates, celebrity gossip, reality TV shows, and Buzzfeed articles. In this day and age of information overload, your life can be quickly inundated with useless or unnecessary information. You can read up on harold matzner crisp clear news from zimbio website

After a while, these information sources become routine. You will soon be signing into apps out of fear of missing out on “something.” You turn on the news out of habit, not because you care about a specific topic.

Don’t take this wrong many love learning and absorbing new material. After all, education is one of the universe’s master keys. Keeping up with major stories can also help change your viewpoint and make you a better global citizen. However, it is becoming dangerously easy to ingest low-quality information and convince yourself that it is normal and fine, even if it is not assisting you in living a better life. Here is something you need to know

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Concerned Circles vs. Controlled Circles

  • Circles of Concern are the things over which you frequently squander time and energy, but over which you have little to no influence. Meanwhile, Circles of Control are the items you have control over in your daily life.
  • For example, the vast majority of news topics like war and terrorism, the economy and stock market fluctuations, celebrity gossip and political controversy come solidly within the Circle of Concern. They can easily consume your time and energy, yet you have little control over them.
    • Other instances include becoming enraged over something someone wrote on social media, being concerned about what other people think of you, or wishing your children would make better decisions.
  • However, reactive people are preoccupied with Circles of Concern, whereas proactive people are preoccupied with Circles of Control.
  • You will notice that by removing or limiting your Circle of Concern, you will have more time and energy to devote to your Circle of Control. On the other hand, if you allow it, our society’s overwhelming of information can easily shift the majority of your time and energy into Circles of Concern. So, choosing best site that gives you correct news to read up on harold matzner is also important.