Make It Easier. Have an Electronic Business Card


Do you find carrying business cards cumbersome or inconvenient? No cause for concern. Tapt provides the digital business card you’ve been searching for.

The real potential of NFC reading capabilities has been awakened thanks to the latest technology in cellphones. Simply place your Tapt card on the top of an iPhone or the back of an Android phone, and in less time than it takes to say “Jack Robinson,” your smartphone will contain the Tapt information.

Tapt utilizes the same technology as tap-and-go credit cards. Integrating NFC (Near-field Communication) and QR code technology, Tapt facilitates connection.

When a Tapt card is in close proximity to a smartphone, the two objects’shake hands,’ with the card instantly transmitting all of your business and contact information to the device.

How does Tapt work?


The tapt Custom card permits complete customization of the card itself as well as the digital profile. To provide your customers and connections with a comprehensive brand experience, tapt Custom is your best option.


After you have uploaded your desired design, we will examine it and provide you a proof for approval prior to printing. Once printed, you may expect to get your cards in Australia within 14 business days.

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After receiving your cards and personalizing your digital profile, you are ready to go!

Your own tapt dashboard allows you to manage and update your profile quickly (and frequently).

Select your desired level of customization

tapt offers something for everyone. Choose the appropriate card based on the level of customization you choose, while taking use of all the advantages of immediate contact exchange.

Among Tapt’s goods are:

Tapt Custom enables you to create your own unique look.

Designed for outfitting an entire team, we’ll assist you in setting up your Tapt Custom Multi cards prior to printing and work with you to finalize a design – whether that’s with our in-house design team or one of our design templates. If you require additional assistance, please fill out this form to contact a member of our helpful support staff.

Maintain simplicity with tapt Black

This uncomplicated digital business card is the ideal method to connect with your network immediately. Tapt Black, which is made from recyclable plastic and features an ergonomic shape, is as light as a credit card and loaded with cutting-edge technology.

Obtain instantaneous connectivity with tapt Lite

The Tapt Lite is our accessible business card for individuals in search of a taste of the future, as it embodies the ideal synthesis of form and function. With minimal customization, contactless connectivity provides all of its power with no hassle.

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