Know About the Ageism Controversy in Singapore Workplace

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Recently only there has been a lot of controversy over the age matter in Singapore it is because a huge population of Singapore goes into the category of above fifty years that has taken a toll in many organizations to hire only the fresher’s and not those who are close to retirement age. But it doesn’t make sense especially when the population demand for mature people is more compared to the ones who are just passing out. And due to this, the ones who are in their middle age are losing their job and falling prey to this ageism in singapore workplace.

Impact of Ageism on business-

  • These giant organizations are ignoring the middle-aged guys and are hiring more fresher’s thinking that their new way of thinking would benefit the organization.
  • While their part of logic is not wrong, but their way of doing this doesn’t look justified to the middle-aged guys because they carry practical knowledge with them, knowledge gained over years of experience.
  • And even these giant organizations should not forget the importance of experience in this rapidly changing environment because it has been seen over and over time that not always the new things work properly, sometimes experiences carry more weight in solving a problem.

Mature people who have great experience along with years of practical knowledge can contribute confidently to the organization with proper guidance and competence. The amount of industry experience and real-time problems these guys have faced value a lot compared to those who are just starting, therefore there’s no matter of even discussing ageism in singapore workplace.

Ageism in the Singapore Workplace

Why did this matter come up?

  • Recently, there has been a discussion going around the country that they might increase their retirement age limit, hence more mature workers could work a longer duration.
  • Therefore, many companies felt the need to hire more freshers to maintain the modern vision around their organization forgetting the value of maturity and experience.
  • Thereby, this thing came up of ageism discrimination widely around the country and need for a combination of best of both world’s to mitigate any difference formed in the system of the organization and to work in a more friendly place. Eliminating any kind of age discrimination.

Well, that was all about the ageism matter that is going on around the country and how people and organizations are taking up the matter and reacting, and this also shows how organizations are willing to contribute and work towards everyone’s welfare.