Know About Perpetual Strata Management

Know About Perpetual Strata Management


An Owners Corporation or a body corporate is the management which will be administering the aspects of common ownership offer community and it needs to be integrated by the community registration and there is the legislation for governing the working of this owners Corporation. This is where a strata management under which the strata manager is important for keeping the strata working. Here at the perpetual strata management which is the visionary property company will be focusing on the people and will be Providing the strata manager who is dedicated and devoted to each and every strata plan.

Maintenance is the responsibility of  a strata manager

The manager will be administering and will be holding all the meetings of the owners and check out for the maintenance as well as the Staffs who are prescribed by the owners and this try to manage from the Perpetual Strata Management and the manager will be a direct representative of the owners who will be working for the management of all community aspects on behalf of the owners of the houses.

perpetual strata management

When you are purchasing a strata unit you will be buying into a community and there are certain responsibilities that should be managed by an individual like strata manager who will be taking the direction from the corporations of the owners and this is a sort of body corporate which is made by the owners.

The Perpetual Strata Management has broad expertise from the construction industry wherein it has worked for over a decade with the deep and broad spectrum of knowledge when it comes to processes regulation as well as legislation that will be guiding the building sector.

When you are an occupant or the part of a building that includes multi-tenants like an apartment, there will be the maintenance of the infrastructure as well as common areas which will be overseen by the Strata Manager and will be responsible for all the areas maintenance. There are also in charge of conceding the matters by identifying with the repairs and the general maintenance to the property and helping the owners or the individuals of the property.

They will be acting as the chief or the main contact point for the owners, agents as well as tenants by providing guidance and regular advice to a committee of the Owners Corporation by attending and running the general meetings annually.


Get the best strata managers and the facilities managers from Perpetual Strata Management company to get the best maintenance for the building as they will be providing the assurance for all the records from the location to the service contracts which will be exactly precise and well maintained.