Important Documents to Have For Global Entry Enrollment


Passing the Global Entry application is required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It will give you clearance as a low-risk individual upon your arrival. There are important documents that the applicants need to provide when applying for Global Entry.

These documents will prove your eligibility. With everything on hand, it can help expedite the background check process. Here are the most important documents that the San Francisco Global Entry Enrollment Center requires.

Valid Passport

For Global Entry enrollment, applicants must have an active passport. This is a valid document required when traveling from one country to another. For the Global Entry application, your passport is a must. This is considered the primary form of identification. Make sure that it is current before you apply for Global Entry.

Valid Identification Card

A current, valid identification card is important for the application process. Your valid ID must comply with the government standards and protocol. A driver’s license for example is considered a secondary form of identification. Have this ready during your Global Entry application as it can help prove your identity.

Proof of Citizenship

Global Entry applicants must have proof of citizenship. They must have documents to prove this. If you are a U.S. citizen a birth certificate or a certificate of naturalization is enough. And for permanent U.S. residents, you can provide your permanent resident card also called the “green card.”

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Proof of Residency

Applicants must prove their residency in the United States. Global Entry requires documents that will prove your residency. This includes any document that shows your name and the residential address like your utility bills and lease agreements. The residency documents are important for the background check process.

Employment Information

Global Entry applicants must be able to provide their previous and current employment information. This can help establish your eligibility for Global Entry. You need to have the names of your previous and current employers, job titles, and employment dates.

Travel History

Documents for your international travel history for the last five years are also important for the Global Entry application. You need to provide travel information such as the dates, countries you visited, and the purpose of these trips. With a clear and accurate travel history, it can help expedite the background check process.

Credit Card Information

An application fee of a certain amount needs to be paid using a valid credit card when applying for Global Entry. The application fee covers the cost of processing for the Global Entry application. When you come in for your Global Application appointment, make sure that you have your valid credit card ready.

Tips for Global Entry Application

It is very important that you find a Global Entry application center that is most convenient for you. This way, there will be no issues with travel time. Simply because it is crucial that you are punctual and ready. Have all your documents filed and organized. You have to look and feel prepared. This can help expedite your application process.