How to Know the Translation Service in Dubai is Reliable or Not?

reliable translation company

The public translator is the professional sought when there is a need for certified translation, whose characteristics are different from other translation services. It is therefore crucial to choose a reliable and respected company.

However, this search can be a problem if the facts that make a company serious and reliable are not known. As a result, the service can be performed with low quality, which causes serious problems when using the translation.

Know the importance of choosing a good company to perform the service, the criteria that should be considered and what are the possible complications resulting from a poor quality translation.

What is the importance of choosing a good public translator?

Very important. After all, your results can be the difference between achieving or not realizing the dream of studying or working in other countries or even meeting them on a trip.

According to Common Sense Advisory (CSA) statistics, the global translation services market is expected to reach $ 46.52 billion in 2018 – representing more than $ 3.87 billion a month – showing how heated it is. the market today.

Translation Service

When compared with previous statistics, the impact is even more surprising: in 2009, the market was valued at US $ 23.5 billion, that is, it grew by almost 100% in just 9 years, which demonstrates the strong trend of globalization we see in the world today.

With so much heat in the market, it is expected that more professionals will start to take an interest in the area to provide their services. And the public translator is one of them, since his work is essential for international bureaucratic procedures.

By understanding exactly what certified translation is – which is the translation service performed for official documents, so that they still maintain their legal value in other countries -, it is possible to understand how intense the demand for it is.

How to choose a reliable translation company?

Man is about to sign a document with a stylish pen symbolizing choosing a reliable translation services dubai.

There are several criteria that must be analyzed to make this decision, from the time of operation in the market to the prices charged. Check out the main ones:

Time of experience in the market

Companies that have been active in the market for a long time prove the quality of their services, as this shows that many customers have already been served during this time and have had their expectations fully met.

This also consolidates its image in the market and makes it a reference, which brings much more tranquility to customers interested in closing deals with it.

Precisely to maintain this image, the criteria used to hire a new public translator , technician or any other type of service are very strict, since there is a positive image to be taken care of in the market.

Number of customers served 

This is a vicious circle: the more customers the translation company has already served, the more confidence new customers will feel about it, in a process that tends to remain indefinitely.

It is important to note that the clients served should not only be considered as a number, but as people and companies that had their needs met by the translation company, which is a great indication.

Also as a consequence of the time of operation, companies that serve a larger number of clients tend to be viewed more positively by the market, which weighs heavily when deciding to hire a public translator .

Quality of care

One of the most common mistakes when hiring translation companies is not considering the quality of the service provided to the client, which can have serious consequences from hiring the service to completing the job.

It is essential that the company serves its customers with attention and goodwill, since it is very likely that he has some doubts, from the time necessary for the service to the form of payment and how it is done.

With the clarification of all doubts and a polite, efficient and cordial contact, the result is an even better image for the company, which will make the client want to refer their services spontaneously to friends, colleagues and family.

Price of the translation

As with practically all business relationships, whether buying an electronic device or hiring a service, price always comes into question, although this happens in a different way when it comes to a public translator .

It is a natural characteristic of the human being to look for savings whenever possible, but attention should be paid when it comes to certified translations, since a value well below the market average can indicate a low quality service.

It is clear that knowing how much a translation service is worth is important, but the cost-benefit must be weighed with a greater weight, that is, how much it pays to pay for that service and have the peace of mind that everything will go well.