How Ingate SBC Works

Ingate SBC Works

It is necessary to check the security of a network when sending information within a network interface. From the servers to the end user, the flow of information must not create traffic at any time. The protection necessary for business owners is to apply the latest technology that covers and fix security to prevent data loss, secure their clients’ welfare, and to have working mobile service to offer them.

Session border controller introduced of Ingate introduced in 1996. Since the year 2001, it focused on designing sip-aware firewall products, making it the only choice of security for enterprises, as well as interoperable communication solution.

The following explain thoroughly how the Ingate session border controller works:

Peer to Peer Connection

It ensures peer to peer connection as it allows two endpoints to be a network and it also manages the media.The enterprise SBC system used to deliver virtually worldwide, over a standard server or an open stack cloud.

Keeps Data Flowing

Enterprise SBC provides an extensive session solution to operators which is called initiation protocol trunk. This session limits malicious interruption from attackers and keeps the data flowing.

Detects Malicious Acts

As it limits malicious interruption from attackers, it also identifies malicious acts within the system. It tends to block them making the network remain safe.

An Ideal for Entrepreneurs

It is ideal for entrepreneurs from their qualities. It works ideally and does what it is supposed to do as stated above.  Here are some other advantages of Enterprise SBC:

  • It contains an active firewall that is highly encrypted making it very secure that it keeps hackers away, making the network safe.
  • It is used worldwide by entrepreneurs.
  • It allows more than 250 thousand sim cards and 200 thousand sim calls, making it known for its high-performance standard.
  • Makes connecting to SIP trunks to PBX, Unified Communications (UC) solutions and call centers easier.
  • Easy Installation
  • It has been efficiently working ever since they’ve started working on it in 2001, making it reliable and trusted.


From today’s era, working has been made easier by technology, thus working on multiple computers makes office tidier from files and makes working easier. However, the network must be developed for the systems to work efficiently and accordingly. The network also needs to be secure and free from threats. Session border controller allows security for the business owner, their clients, as well as the whole enterprise.