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OkR, or Objectives and Key Results, is a business goal-setting technique that helps executives prioritize objectives and measure progress.

Good coaching is essential to help teams make dramatic improvements in the quality of their work to achieve excellent results. Although any worker at any level can benefit from coaching, OKR Quickstart sessions are typically for those who are leading a project or managing others on it. These sessions help teams improve management practices such as setting goals, measuring progress, and developing plans to get them there.

The OkR (Objectives and Key Results) technique is the brainchild of John Doerr, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. It is highly effective when implemented by a team to align the team with its mission, vision, and values and is used by top business leaders around the world.

OkR goals are created individually and often challenge conventional wisdom or popular conceptions of how things should be done. Objectives are measurable results that, if achieved, cause you to achieve your goal. They describe exactly what you want to accomplish by when. The key results represent how you will measure your progress against these objectives, typically in quantitative terms such as sales volume or number of customers served per month.

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OkR Coaching and Consulting Services

We provide a variety of OkR (Objectives and Key Results) coaching and consulting services to help you maintain focus, prioritize your goals and achieve them. Our experts will:

Review your goals to make sure that they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound)

Help you define measurable objectives that challenge conventions by setting aggressive goals beyond your measurement standards.

With this guidance, you will be able to achieve the results you are looking for. Contact us today for more information about our OkR coaching and consulting services. OkR will work with you and your team to develop a plan that will help you achieve excellent results.

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Many OkR coaches and consultants also provide training, coaching, and consulting services in other areas of work as well. Working with various experts can help you achieve excellent results in more than one area of your business.

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Our OkR Professional Coaches are here to help you with your business coaching needs. Our OkR coaches will:

The OkR Coaching and Consulting Service Team can help you overcome challenges that may be holding you back from achieving excellent results in your business. We are a unique organization that focuses on providing the highest quality of coaching and consulting services to help you achieve amazing results.