Four steps to achieve good Crowdfunding Fulfillment management

Crowdfunding Fulfillment management

Regardless of your final goal in the countless crowdfunding campaigns that are happening out there, most have one common thing on their mind; they need their crowdfunding to have its much-awaited fulfillment. This means that once their project is already funded, the project owners should ship the tangible or the new product or the reward to their backers safe and sound.

If you believe it or not, crowdfunding project owners can often overlook this key element with their plans. In fact, a lot of fully-funded projects always found itself being short of the hoped-for cash when everything is already said and done. That is because they did not factor out the entire cost of fulfilling and also shipping their promised items to their backers.

One of the biggest blunders that crowdfunders always make is they do not take account of the shipping and the crowdfunding fulfillment costs during the entire planning phase. They usually include the product costs in their budget when in fact these mistakes including this one can be avoided easily especially if you follow these important tips listed below.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment management

  1. Get products and the rewards in– This kind of process and cost is getting everything that you are shipping into the location that you will ship it from, so if you produce the items from yourself, it would be an added advantage. Always remember though to account for your production costs as part of your crowdfunding plan. If you have to bring all of these products from the supplier or the manufacturer, you have to make sure to include the product costs, and also the inbound shipping and the freight fees.
  2. Create storage for the products and rewards– You should create storage and safekeeping for these items until it is time for you to ship. This can be a long-term solution if you are kicking off a new venture in e-commerce, or you want a short-term requirement that you will be using just for shipping out a batch of thank-you rewards for the crowdfunders like the service provided by china warehouse fulfillment.
  3. Consider good packaging for the products or the rewards– Packaging is highly required in shipping the products or rewards to the crowdfunders that will vary based on the items or products that you are shipping. Regardless if you want a splashy custom-printed box for different subscription kit as a form of rewards. You should simply place it in an envelope that is a good way to save on costs.
  4. Shipping the products or rewards– The final step in the crowdfunding fulfillment process can be expensive if you do not have a good plan for it. So you have to figure your potential shipping costs and also include them as your project plan considering that many crowdfunded rewards ship just fewer items using identical packaging, so you have to make the exact estimation of the shipping.