Finding short-load concrete delivery services


Many of us know the pain of loading a truck that is too long with large, heavy items. This is because the weight in each direction must be distributed evenly across the axles. The idea behind short load supplier is to transport small bags, boxes, or blocks from one point to another. These loads are usually up to 500 pounds and are laid on their sides. In order for this form of transportation to work, it must be installed in a special device that allows for both lateral and vertical movement of items at once through a straight line path which is considered as one single item when loaded in this way.


Load management services are the most popular concrete formwork supply company in Florida. They offer both bag load and lift-gate truckload services, which can be found in each one of the many cities throughout the state of Florida. With this service, you can continue with your work with no interruptions from your suppliers or employees.


Your delivery location will be placed into a special unit called an automated palletizer that will load the blocks into their containers and pouches while you remain at your job site and do not need to return to pick them up until they are ready for delivery. Your customers will not even know that the concrete blocks are not being delivered by a truck but instead are moved by a crane.

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 There are a variety of different types of concrete blocks that can be used for this service. However, it is recommended that you use the standard blocks because they have the best strength and durability when compared to any other type of block. The small casting formwork requirements make it perfect for this form of delivery as well.


Each block is loaded into a holding compartment called a bag loader before being placed on the automated palletizer truck. This type of truck is specifically designed to handle these types of deliveries and comes in two different types: a 5-axle tri-drive and a 6-axle twin-axle vehicle. Each one has a crane on the truck bed that rotates 180 degrees horizontally, allowing for the easy movement of your products.


The crane operator is responsible for the safety of each load that is to be moved and will make sure no workers are in the way of each load. The customer service team at this concrete block supply company in Florida will answer any questions you have about their services or products. You can contact them via email, telephone, or mail as well.