What are the benefits of time tracking?


Tracking your time and your employee’s time so you can see what is done through the day. Using an alternative time doctor to make your summary of the time. That you are spending on each project, task, and client. You can clearly see how much time each employee is spending working in front of their computer than away. And it will tell how long their breaks last. You can also manually edit the time if it is needed.

There will be a daily and weekly summary of all the email reports to make it easier to understand the patterns. Now it is simpler to keep track of the time, pay employees, and bill clients.

Simplify the payroll and timesheets

You need to work smarter with your time tracking. Managers can approve and analyze the timesheets as needed. And pay the employees easily that are based on their working hours or fixed salaries.

The payroll setup has customizable features that have different payroll periods. And which supports all the currencies. The good thing is there are no extra fees and you can pick which one you preferred on paying. You can use PayPal, TransferWise, and more.

You can manage the projects better

You can do all in one such as making tasks, assigning projects, and analyzing the progress. The permanent tasks need to be set. On the regular tasks, the user can add and you can turn it on and off as long as you need it.

Time Doctor can help you and the team to focus on what is important by analyzing the project management. By this, you see easily what takes most of the time and embellish your effectiveness at any level.

Understanding the productivity

Looking at the screenshots of the real-time progress to see who is working on that project. And knowing how they spend their workday. It also makes the daily and weekly summary reports. That includes the hours, application usage, task, client breakdown, and more.

Each employee can look at their own time stats. For them to know if they need to correct themselves on any time-wasting behavior they did. This will let them know what areas they need to improve and increase their productivity.

You can stay on track

You need to stay focused and there are alerts on tasks to let you know if you have gone off track. It will let you track the app usage when you are working. It also identifies the excess time you have on Facebook, Youtube, and other non-related work sites. It will send a pop-up alert. And also when the computer is idle for quite a long time during the working hours. There will also be distraction alerts to keep on reminding you and the team to stay focused on the task.