The process of issuing an immigration Australia citizenship: the scoring method


There are various criteria determining the degree of suitability of the applicant. Points are awarded to him according to the data on his skills. Some of these data include occupational field (skills and experience), English language control, age (age preference), professional experience, etc. It is worth noting that only candidates with a minimum score of 60 points are eligible to apply for immigration. Issuing an immigration australian citizenship is a process that examines the applicant’s skills, professional knowledge, and ability to be successfully absorbed in Australia

The importance of the profession

immigration australia citizenship

Profession and occupation are key factors in submitting an immigration application to Australia. The Australian government publishes a list of professionals whose favorites are accountants, architects, contractors, teachers, engineers, medical professionals (including doctors and nurses), computer experts, and scientists.

To apply for immigration to Australia, your profession must appear on the list of professions at the time of submission:

  • Medium and long-term strategic skills list
  • Skilled and Short-term occupation list
  • The regional occupation lists

Applicants whose profession is on the aforementioned list must Obtain relevant professional certificates and transfer them to the authorized assessment body in Australia. An immigration application cannot be submitted without a professional competency assessment from the relevant.

Australian assessment body

Australia encourages the migration of successful businessmen – to start businesses in their country. Migrants’ visa to Australia on a business basis can receive a visa. If a visa applicant to Australia on a business-based basis is commercially successful, he will receive permanent status.There are also programs to encourage students to study and people to rent out a professional to come to Australia.

Immigration to Australia on a family basis

The applicant will receive a temporary visa, which after two years (if he proves that his relationship with the spouse is stable) will receive permanent status. An applicant who was married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident may receive permanent status at the beginning of the process.

There is an immigration australia citizenship program with many different options for parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents. Parents whose children live in Australia, as permanent residents or as citizens, can apply for a parental immigration visa. However, there is a considerable waiting list for some parent visa categories and the process of obtaining this type of visa may take several years.

The children of permanent residents and Australian citizens, including adopted children or orphans under the age of 18, who wish to move to live with their family members in Australia for immigration.