The Modern Printer


One of the vital assets of a company is its equipment and machines for the operation of its business. One of these is the printer machine. It is a device that is used to print text or graphics in a paper. A human can read most of the output of it. There is a printer also that print barcode that uses bar code printers and not the usual office printer.

In the 19th century, the first computer printer was designed but was not built. In our history, the first electronic printer that was invented and released is from the Japanese company, “Epson”. Before this, the use of the typewriters also produced printed words from the typewriting machine. But because of improving technology, a higher speed of output is essential. It leads to the importance of the development of new studies on the printer with a fast number in production printed copies through computer use. Through education, different systems have been invented to produce copies at a much higher speed. In the 1990s, simple printing in small papers is available on personal computers. Through improving technology, from the lower quality output, there are studies already that successfully produced an excellent and higher quality of printed text and image.



Today, there are known different types of printer, namely:

  1. Personal printer – For people who have a personal computer, a personal printer is essential equipment for them. Like in the business, for the management who have their own office, they have a personal printer. It is designed to support individual users. It is connected with a single computer only. In this kind of printer, minimal setup is required. There is an easy way of printing a hard copy of the document. However, it is generally slow in producing hard copies. It results in a high cost per page.
  2. Virtual printer – It is used by the companies to create a file in which all the data will be printed. It is computer software that doesn’t need to be connected with a physical printer.
  3. 3D printer – It uses to produce a three-dimensional picture of the image. It uses other materials also, not just in a document, like metals, plastics, wood, and other materials.
  4. Barcode printer – It is widely used in the market or any commercial business. It applies to print tags and barcodes. These barcodes use to serve as a label or tag in different goods or services.
  5. Network or shared printer – It is the most common kind of printer that is used nowadays. For companies with a large number of employees, this is the kind of printer that is needed to print at high speed.

Nowadays, there has been an increased interest on the high quality of printers. Because of this, there are great providers who will guide the company in choosing the excellent quality of printers. They will hire printer perth that is applicable and best for the business.