Reasons Why Police Check is Important

Police Check
  • A police check is a certificate someone can obtain to show that they are free of criminal records. Running a business with staff significantly increases your workload, and suddenly, it becomes your responsibility in many ways as you have to worry about things like taxes, health, and safety.
  • The need for a police check
  • You might want to get a police check, or CRB as it’s known in some areas, to ensure your employee isn’t hiding any prior records of criminal activity. Of course, hiring ex-prisoners is not against the law; however, the employer may not want to do so under any circumstances. For example, law enforcement should always vet someone who works with children to ensure that it is safe for them to work around them.
  • If something were to happen and it turned out that the employee had a history of abuse, then it would be so devastating to the company that it would probably have to close, not to mention the harm it would do to the child and the moral aspect, which must be sufficient motivation. Likewise, if you had someone who works in a medical shop or doctors with a history of substance abuse, this could also be very dangerous.

Police Check

  • It is important since the use of illegal immigrants is illegal, and the employer must control this. The reason an employer might want an employee to go through a police check is so they can get through a visa check. It ensures that they are legally allowed to work in the country and are not illegal immigrants. In other words, if you use the defense that you “didn’t know” your workers weren’t allowed to work in the country, then it won’t be enough to bail you out, and you’ll still be forced to pay a fine and endure insults in the name of your company.
  • A police check is a very effective way to potentially become more promising for employees. It will allow you to complete the job for your employer and get through the interview process faster. Even if it’s not required in your workplace, it can help calm them down and potentially give you an edge in the competition for the position. However, it is important to keep checking back so that you at least know their story and can interview them in light of this information.
  • Conclusion
  • It may well be that the person has changed and is no longer a danger or a threat to your company, but you still need to know their history to determine if you think they are a good fit for the role. At the same time, if you know someone has had a fiery temper in the past, you can decide to give them a low-stress job that probably won’t cause too much pain.