Private Investigators: What Do They Do To Help You?

Private Investigators: What Do They Do To Help You?

A lot of people often ask a few questions about private investigators. These people don’t have a clear picture of what a private detective does. A private detective or investigator performs background checks, whether on companies or individuals to help resolve some cases. To collect this information, a private investigator might search for public records, such as:

  • Court filings
  • State
  • Federal tax liens
  • Judgment
  • Bankruptcies
  • Hidden assets

Aside from the list above, a private investigator also validates reference checks, interviews relevant individuals, and background checks on someone. Check out intlpi. Hire a private investigator in Singapore today! In case of locating a person, a private investigator used public records to determine names, addresses, or interview individuals to track someone down.

Few works of a private investigator

Private investigators can carry out surveillance that can be used in many situations, such as:

  • Investigating fidelity
  • The legitimacy of worker’s compensation claims

Also, there are cases like the truth is difficult to bring clearness, surveillance can be essential to deliver positive results. A professional private investigator works on a thorough surveillance operation to bring the truth and get you the answers you need. Legitimate private investigators don’t install or use electronic listening devices because it is illegal.

Private investigators worked with law enforcement agencies using their services and knowledge to protect the community. It works on anything like serving subpoenas, conducting surveillance, and investigating cold cases.

Different Types Of Private Investigators In Singapore

Can a private investigator trespass?

Private investigators are free to go anywhere in public. But, they are not allowed to trespass on private property, otherwise illegally gain access to a device, building, filing cabinet, storage area, or any private property without proper permission from the owner.

Can a private investigator wiretap or record audio conversations?

A private investigator is not allowed to break into anyone’s home or wiretap phone lines. Certain states don’t allow private investigators to record any conversation. Generally, you will have two types of consent:

  • One-party consent. It means that one of the parties involved in the conversation can record a call legally with no other person’s knowledge or idea. Meaning, the private investigator can’t snoop on and record both parties’ conversations without their knowledge being recorded. A private investigator must be an active participant in the conversation.
  • Two-party consent. Some other states have two-party consent. Both parties consent to have their conversation recorded by the private investigator involved. In this situation, covert recording of conversions is legally allowed or not possible.

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