How to Setup Your Aqua One Fish Tanks

How to Setup Your Aqua One Fish Tanks

Aqua One has been making state-of-the-art and robust aquariums for years now. Although it’s still a young brand, its popularity has been soaring super quickly. You can order Aqua One fish tanks directly from their official website or by visiting aquatics world. After you have ordered your preferred aquarium, you have to install it properly. Here is the ultimate guide on how to properly install fish tanks.

Pick the Perfect Location

There are some important points you should pay careful attention to when installing fish tanks in your home. First, identify an accessible and strategic location away from common sources of noises. Loud noises tend to stress fishes and can sometimes lead to an untimely death. Keep the aquarium away from things such as fires and radiators. These will keep changing the aquarium temperature and may end up making the fishes ill.

Keep the tanks away from direct sunlight. Strong light will affect the quality of the water and can negatively impactthe fish’s well-being. Don’t forget to place the tank on a sturdyand leveled surface. The surface should have enough strength to support the total weight of the fish tank. Unleveled surfaces can lead to leakages as well asput stress on the tank which couldlead to cracks.

Fill Your Aqua One Fish Tanks Properly

Soak a piece of clean cloth in lukewarm water and strategically wipe out the aquarium interior. It will be better if you use a new piece of cloth,and avoid using grease cleaners and detergents as much as you can. Once done, use sand or gravel substrate to fill out the aquarium bottom. Before you add the substrate to your fish tank, ensure you properly rinse it in clear water. It wouldbe good if you clean it underrunning water. Caution should be applied when the substrate is being added to the aquarium.

Aqua One fish tanks

Decorate your fish tank. There are multiple fish tank decor options in the market today. The current fish decors are often made up of natural stones, plants, resin ornaments, or natural stones. Before you putany decor foryour aquarium, you first have towash it using warm water. It’s strongly recommended you get your tree roots and natural rocks from a trusted aquatic shop as they will better fit the intended purposes.

If you opt for plant decor, it will be good if you mix artificial and real plants for betterresults. The artificial plants will help keep your aquarium looking fresh for years while the natural plants will maintainthe natural aquarium balance. In the case of Aqua One tanks, youfirst have to fill it with 50% of water and then install all the electrical fixtures before you add the plants.

Install the Aquarium Electrical Fixtures

The first important electrical equipment to install is the filter. It’s ideal for maintaining healthy and clean water. The second is the heating system. It will aid in retainingthe aquarium temperature. The third most crucial electrical equipment to install is the lighting system. Enough lighting will enable the plants to grow more naturally.


A thermometer will be the next crucial equipment to install in your aquarium. Lookout for an LED or digital thermometer if you want to have an easy time monitoring the temperature levels of the aquarium water. Check valves, airstones, and airpumps will be ideal for supplying the plants and fishes with adequate oxygen levels to aid in the filtration process. When it comes to installing electrical equipment in an Aqua One fish tank, you’re advised to create a drip loop in the equipment cables to help prevent water dripping near the socket.

Once everything is said and done, you have to add enough water and treatment to your aquarium then. The treatment will help maintain the biological balance of your fish tank. This guide will work miracles if you follow it to the letter. However, to avoid making mistakes, it’s important you consult with a specialist about aquarium matters. You can also have to talk with a friend who has an established aquarium system or check out the site here.