Bitcoin ATMs are quickly replacing banks due to their convenience


Although bitcoin ATMs have been around since 2013, online exchanges have long overshadowed them. The increase in Bitcoin ATMs that have been installed across the United States and around the world has since changed all that. By bypassing several of the roadblocks presented by online exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs provide users with an alternative crypto atm los Angeles. Although online exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini are the most popular method of buying and selling bitcoins, users need help using them.

To comply with banks’ KYC/AML protocol, users must link their bank account information to an online exchange. This means all your banking and personal information is available to online exchanges. Also, crypto atm los Angeles, some of these online exchanges can take weeks to verify your identity with your bank, which has yet to satisfy several cryptocurrency users who use bitcoin as their preferred cryptocurrency.

Due to the requirement that users link their bank accounts to online exchanges, most exchanges will only allow users to connect with an account from a major bank. This excludes a large number of potential users. Online exchanges can take a long time to process transactions. If the exchange is extremely busy, it can take up to five business days for your coin to arrive.

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In this case, it is better to use an ATM to buy and sell bitcoins within minutes. To avoid dealing with all the hiccups associated with online exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs provide users with a refreshing alternative. With over 650 Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATMs strategically placed nationwide, Coin Cloud offers several advantages over online exchanges. Coin Cloud ATMs are strategically located to make it as convenient for our customers as possible.

There are many places where we frequent in our everyday lives where Coin Cloud ATMs can be found, including casinos, liquor stores, grocery stores, etc. Our users prefer to transact with a Bitcoin ATM because it functions similarly to a traditional ATM, even for a new asset class like bitcoin. The Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM allows users to buy and sell bitcoin using cash instead of an online exchange.

This is more convenient, and users no longer have to link their banking information, meaning personal information is kept private. Furthermore, those who do not have a bank account at all or do not have an account with a major bank can purchase and sell bitcoin with this method. In the case of online exchanges, it can take days to get ahold of someone who can assist you.