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ireland immigration investment agency

Hong Kong is a very famous and prosperous country. It is an excellent country for the investment of your business. However, investing in a country unknown to you can be difficult. But nowadays, there are various agencies through which you can immigrate to Hong Kong and discover the country. They will provide all the necessary details such as different types of Visas, rules and regulations, eligibility criteria, etc.

Reasons to Choose Hong Kong

There are different reasons for you to immigrate to Hong Kong and invest there. The specialty of the Hong Kong country is as follows –

  • Hong Kong is a developed country where a wide range of facilities is available.
  • The cost of living in Hong Kong is lower than the other countries. Moreover, the tax rate is also low in this place.
  • The advanced technologies of this place provide the people to lead a better life.
  • There is the availability of transportation for 24 hours in Hong Kong.
  • The system of government is quite impressive in this place. You can get citizenship within a short period.

ireland immigration investment agency

Process of Immigration

There are different ways to immigrate to Hong Kong. There are various types of Visas available such as the General employment policy, which is the work Visa, the Investment Visa, the Imported worker’s Visa, the Training visa for Hong Kong, and the Quality migrant admission scheme. You must apply for an investment visa to invest in Hong Kong and develop a business. Under the rule of this type of visa, you can stay there for an initial period. After that, you have to renew the visa. Finally, after living seven years in Hong Kong through an investment visa, you can apply for permanent residence in Hong Kong. However, you have to follow all the rules of that application.

Points to be considered before immigration

It would help if you met some criteria to get permission to immigrate and invest in Hong Kong. These are as follows –

  • You should not have any record of criminal activities to avoid security interruption.
  • You should have an excellent academic record to show the academic qualification proofs.
  • To invest in the business of Hong Kong, you need a well-organized plan
  • A good amount of financial resources is required for your investment.
  • You have to ensure that your investment would facilitate the country’s economic welfare, such as local employment generation, introducing new technology, etc.

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