May 02

Learn About & Visit The Ladew Topiary Gardens

If you are planning a visit to the Ladew Topiary Gardens, then you are in for a treat. The Ladew Topiary Gardens are exquisite gardens located in Monkton, MD. The gardens were originally developed in the 1930s by a man named Harvey S. Ladew, a well-known huntsman, and socialite.

The Inspiration For The Gardens

When you visit Ladew Topiary Gardens, an admission fee is charged to pay for the maintenance of the gardens. The gardens have a total of fifteen different rooms, and each has its theme associated with it. One garden room may be dedicated to a color while another may be dedicated to one specific plant. The gardens are especially known for their topiary, which is assumed to be influenced by Harvey Ladew’s travel experiences in England. Ladew seems to use his experiences fox hunting in England to inspire the topiary designs in gardens. For those of you who do not know, topiary is the art of trimming bushes and shrubs to shape them into objects, animals, or people. In addition to the fifteen gardens filled with beautiful plants and topiary, the grounds also have a nature walk, which is perfect for a relaxing spring day.


Why You Should Visit
Many people choose to visit Ladew Topiary Gardens every year because they are extremely special. They have been named the best topiary gardens in the United States, one of the top gardens in North America, and one of the best attractions in Northern Maryland. Topiary is not a common practice in the United States, which makes the gardens a special treat. There are a lot of gardens full of flowers all over the United States. You can find rose gardens, fields of sunflowers, and other floral presentations almost anywhere you go, but topiary gardens are a little more unique to the Ladew grounds. Of course, the Ladew gardens also have flowers that bloom from the spring to the fall, but the topiaries are the main attraction.

When To Visit
There is not one right time to visit Ladew Topiary Gardens because between the spring and fall months; there is always something blooming. Choose a time of year based on your preference. If you like roses, go when the roses are blooming. Are you a big fan of tulips, there are plenty of tulips to be found among the topiaries during the spring months.

Getting To The Gardens
To visit Ladew Topiary Gardens, you must travel by car. Monkton, Maryland is located north of Baltimore, MD and South of Hershey, PA, making it a convenient stop during a road trip down the east coast. From Baltimore, the best way to get to the Ladew Topiary Gardens is by taking 83 North. From Hershey, you will need to take 322 West to 83 South. Towson, Maryland, York, Pennsylvania, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania are also close to the gardens, making the gardens an easy day trip for garden enthusiasts.