Mar 07

How To Find A Washington SEO Expert

As more and more small and medium-sized businesses learn about the potentials of organic search engine optimization, many are beginning to hire professionals to help them attain higher rankings for their websites. With more professionals competing, however, it is becoming extremely difficult for people to find a Washington SEO expert rather than the “crooked” self-proclaimed SEO expert.

Businesses should learn how to quiz SEO companies on how they operate, which methods they are using to obtain higher rankings, and where their employees are based. Additionally, you can check to see if the company has an option for you to check your SEO score for your website. If they’re willing to give you some basic information about SEO for free, then they are probably more legitimate.

First you need to find out how long an SEO company has been in business


A good place to start is to figure out how long an SEO firm in Washington has been in business. This will allow you to get a gauge for their customer service. By studying the SEO company, reading through reviews, and reading through its website, you will find out if it is a legitimate business or not. What you want to look for is whether or not they use ethical (white hat) or unethical (black hat) strategies.

Don’t choose a firm that simply does meta tags

SEO companies that only offer meta tag services or only create content pages for you should be avoided since anything that looks unnatural in Google’s eyes will get you in trouble. Analysts note that on-site optimization done right would allow a site to be easily crawled by Google’s spiders.
It is also important to note that link building and natural and original content are still the best two secrets for SEO success. You will not go far without both of these strategies. A real professional SEO company will offer to help you with these two vital aspects that will get your site ranked.

Look for credible testimonials for the company online

Most SEO companies will have a bunch of testimonials to show potential clients how their current clients feel about them. You should look for testimonials on the website, but you should also look at review sites such as Yelp and Google reviews because these reviews will be more genuine.
Try to find case studies on their website. If they have a website, a bane of a client, or screenshots of the progress for a particular customer, this can demonstrate their success as well as exactly which services they can provide.

Last but not least, do not fall for “guarantees”

A lot of bad SEO companies will offer guarantees. These may sound superb, but usually, there are loopholes that will allow them to get out of giving you your money back after they tank your site.